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This year, like others, there is a need for instructors for the upcoming course. So lets go over just what the requirements are. The students are asked to read the upcoming chapters from the study guide, view the power point presentations, view any video's we have and review the question bank questions. The instructors requirements are exactly the same and can be found here . The instructor should be able to answer any questions the student may have as it relates to that specific weeks lesson only. If there are none then this is an opportunity for hands on exercises, practical examples, show and tell, review of the question bank questions  or just a question/answer period. To make it even easier, the instructor may opt to handle just one of the topics for a particular week. The time requirements would be approx. 1 1/2 hours for each part.

Your club and the hobby now needs you. Consider it as payback for the effort that was extended on your behalf while you were a student.  Please contact Doug VE3WRF, I'm sure he will be able to provide assistance whether you are an instructor or a student.
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