Winter Field Day
January 28 & 29th 2017
Scouts at Harrison Park
January 28 & 29th 2017
Welcome to the BEST radio club in Ontario
The Owen Sound Scouts will be at Harrision Park and we will set up a station and demonstrate radio and also participate in their Winter Camp 2017. VE3WRF Doug and VA3OSO Carson will be setting up the stations. Stop by to operate or say hello. Will set up inside warm-up building. Operating between 1200 hrs & 1600 hrs Sat. Will operate as a "FD" station.
Worldwide Radio News
Winter Field Day 2016  will be held at the QTH of Frank VA3GUF at 758240 Girl Guide Rd., Owen Sound, ON. Winter Field Day runs for 24 hours during the last full weekend in January each year from 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Saturday to 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Sunday. For full details click HERE. To all attendee's, hot supper will be provided and sleeping accommodations as long as you have a sleeping bag are available.  Hot breakfast for those staying overnight.  Have table for one rig in the garage and a couple of camping and deck chairs.  Spare back-up rig always welcome as well as any antenna you like to try out.  Am planning to have NVIS antenna completed by then and available.  Bring munchies if you want them.  Cutlery and cups are available with water dispenser.  Lots of parking for guests.  Invite prospects to get on the air. 
Cheers & 73's, Frank VA3-GUF

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January 19, 2017