Community Club Fair
Saturday April 12th 2014  Owen Sound Public Library
2014 Events
August 15th and 16th featured the annual International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend. This is an opportunity for clubs to promote lighthouses and Lightships but also bring Amateur radio into the public eye. Our setup at Cabot Head drew over 100 people into our display where we explained who we were, what we were doing and encouraged guests to ask questions, receive our handout and try morse code for themselves. All in all, a very worthwhile endeavor which the group will do again. Thanks to Adam VE3IZS for performing the lions share of the coordination and setup of the weekend, and for being an excellent spokeperson for the club as well as amateur radio.  In attendance were Adam VE3IZS, Dave VE3WI, Doug VE3WRF, Greg VE3NXB, Phil VE3QVC, Bob VE3PAV and myself Tom VA3TS.

Thanks also to the Friends of Cabot Head, who made the time there pleasant and as a bonus, a very nice crock pot of chili which was greatly appreciated.
Dave VA3DLN and Adam VE3IZS pictured in the
Amateur of the Year
This years Amateur of the Year is Adam VE3IZS. The coveted Amateur of the Year award is presented to a club member who has demonstrated an enthusiasm for amateur radio as well as the club and whose actions have placed him or her in a league above others. Many thanks to Adam for his continued support of GBARC and its members.
Here are some pictures from this years Christmas Luncheon held at the Kings Buffet in Owen Sound, As usual the turnout was good and the conversations were better. Thanks to our organizers. In addition, Adam VE3IZs was presented with the clubs Amateur of the year award. Various door prizes were given and a good time was had by all.
Christmas Dinner 2014
ARRLs Role in Canada
Radio amateurs on both sides of our
northern border have a shared history.
By David Sumner, K1ZZ, reprinted with
permission from Oct 2014 QST
The Thornbury Clarksburg Rotary Club hosted the 2013 Blue Mountains Half Marathon and proceeds went to Children/Youth and Health Care projects in their community. In attendance to provide communication was L-R Dave VE3WI, Adam VE3IZS, Doug VE3WRF, Shane VE3RUT, Tom VA3TS and Phil VE3QVC. Two mobile stations were positioned at various points along the route and 2 stations with handhelds were with red cross personnel. One runner could not complete the course and was transported back to the race start.
Blue Mountains Half Marathon Sunday 19th of October 2014
L-R Dave VE3WI, Adam VE3IZS, Doug VE3WRF, Shane VE3RUT, Tom VA3TS and Phil VE3QVC

JOTA was held at St Andrews Church
on 1st St W, Owen Sound from 10:00
hrs to 16:30 hrs on Saturday, October
18, 2014.
JOTA 2014 was a success with stations
contacted and amateur radio
demonstrated to the scouts and guides in
attendance. Doug VE3WRF used his
station consisting of an FT840, MFJ tuner
and a windom antenna installed as a
sloper. The antenna was strung from the
top of the church bell tower to ground and
worked very well with stations contacted in
Canada as well as the US. Thanks to
those in attendance, Doug VE3WRF,
Adam VE3IZS, Tom VA3TS and Dave
Jamboree on the Air 18th October 2014
Terry Fox Run
September 14th
Field Day 2014
Thanks to Grey Sauble Conservation Authority, field day will again be held at the administration site near Inglis Falls     on the June 28/29. Mark your calendar and plan to attend.

In addition, Inglis Falls and surrounding trails also offer breathtaking views of the area and could make for a great  and interesting weekend with friends and families.

73...   Adam, ve3izs
This is the submission mostly by Adam VE3IZS and includes suggestions and  updates from the last meeting as well as via emails recently. If
Here are some pictures and the article presented in the Owen Sound Sun Times regarding this years Community Club Fair at the Owen Sound Public Library. In spite of our late spring, the weather was favorable with no precipitation. There were a good number of people who came out to view the different clubs in attendance from genealogy, stamp collecting to tai chi. This is a great way for any club to obtain a bit of public exposure and our club in particular, were very fortunate to have the Sun Times reporter Denis Langlois stop by and interview our members about amateur radio and their involvement in the hobby.

Thanks to all the members who participated.

Thanks to Lacy Russell, Public Services Librarian,
Owen Sound & North Grey Union Public Library for all her work to make this event a success.
Submitted Field Day Results

Call Used: VE3OSR    
GOTA Station Call: (none)    
ARRL/RAC Section:
ONS     Class: 3A
Participants: 18    
Club/Group Name:
Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club
Power Source(s): Generator   
Power Multiplier: 2X

Bonus Points:
  100% Emergency power      300
  Media Publicity                      100
  Set-up in Public Place          100
  Information Booth                  100
  Site Visit by invited served
agency official    100
  Submitted via the Web           50
  Educational activity               100
Total Bonus Points                  850

Score Summary:
                            CW  Dig  Ph  Total
Total QSOs        27    0    151
Total Points        54    0    151  205  
Claimed Score = 410
The picture below shows are current club banner, it's been around for many years  and has served us well. However, this is 2014 and perhaps an update is in order. It  would be nice if the general public which observes the club members in action got  the impression that we are a modern club using modern methods and equipment.
So at the March meeting it was decided to have a competition to allow the artistically inclined a chance to submit their ideas for a new banner. The banner can be this style or vertically oriented. For a few ideas as to what is available have a look  at this website. I'm not particularly promoting this one, but it's local and has  examples of what we may be interested in. We would like to be able to post your  submission here so please forward your ideas in a format I can use like .jpg or   a .png  type file. If you do this in "WORD", then print it out and scan it as a .jpg file
then email it to me.  It doesn't have to be high rez for a webpage, 200kb or less will be fine.
Here are some pictures of this years Field Day. We occupied a slightly different area than last year and we were glad of the shade trees that were there, as well as the opportunities for skyhooks they afforded. There were some challenges due to antennas that didn't work as well as we would have liked but this was also a good learning lesson when setting up stations in a less than ideal setting. After all, this is an emergency preparedness exercise, a there is no better way to point out shortcomings in our equipment and methods to use them.

Thanks to a big effort by Adam VE3IZS who put in a lot of extra time to make filed day happen for GBARC. As usual there was plenty of food (burgers and sausages) , cooked by Frank VA3GUF on the BBQ. Thanks to all who volunteered their equipment and time. A special get well soon to Tom VA3TVA's xyl who is recovering from surgery but who attended Field Day anyway. Another thanks to the Dock who attended as well as the OPP constables and best wishes from Bill Walker MP. 
Club Banner Design Competition
Adam VE3IZS,
Adam VE3IZS,
Adam VE3IZS,
Lacy Russell
Rac Stations Worked:
This year we operated the Canada Day
Contest at the QTH of Tom VA3TS. I
was joined by Adam VE3IZS and Doug
VE3WRF. The first 6 hours were busy
but propagation or activity dropped off
around 2am. So we took a pause, got
some shuteye and came back to it
around 10am on Tuesday. Then we
operated till the end and ended up with
164 contacts, the summary as follows:
       Band  Mode  QSOs    Pts  Sec
         3.5     LSB      7     100     3
           7      LSB     29     290    6
          14    USB     95     696   10
          21    USB     31     258    4
          28    USB      2       4        0
       Total   Both   164    1348   23
        CLAIMED-SCORE: 31004

Cabot Head 2014
DX Stations Worked:
Thanks to those that participated in communications for the Terry Fox Run. Pictured below are Phil VE3QVC, Fred VA3STG, Mark VA3FIN, Adam VE3IZS, Dave VE3WI, Scott Grieg, the Terry Fox run coordinator, Doug VE3WRF and Frank VA3GUF.
September 6th

The BBQ was a great success and
everyone had a great time. In my garage
we never have to worry about rain and
even if it gets chilly I can just close the
garage doors. As usual we had plenty to
eat and very little leftover was a bonus.
The pictures below (by Adam VE3IZS)
are appreciated. See everyone again
next year and thanks to all who came out
and those who brought along goodies.
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