The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club    
P.O. Box 113, Owen Sound
Ontario Canada N4K5P1
December 13, 2018
GBARC Challenge
To encourage participation and challenge GBARC members by way of Amateur Radio Operations in celebration of the Canada 150 anniversary.
This is a fun activity meant to engage and promote Amateur Radio within Canada and the GBARC membership. We are encouraging all GBARC members to participate in this Canada wide QSO at our club level.
General Rules:

Obtain 1 QSO contact per Province or Territory (13) in Canada, 1 point per QSO will be awarded using any mode of operation on any band between February 1 and Dec 1/2017.
A minimum of 10 points is required to complete this challenge.
However, you don't have to stop here, we are also looking for:
Top QSO Point Score
which will include an operator with the minimum of 10 contacts (identified above) as well as their total number of QSO contacts within Canada during February 1 and Dec 1/2017.
Any mode of operation can be used. (CW, QRP, PSK, EHCO Link Voice etc)
Any band of operation is permissible. (2M, 70CM, 6-160MHZ etc)

** Record all of your contacts and email your completed QSO contact form(s) to each month. These results and any information updates will be posted on the GBARC Forum for your interest.
Recognition & Awards
Recognition for participation and completion of this challenge as well as an award for the Top QSO total point score will be presented at the GBARC Annual Christmas Luncheon.
More Info:
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, see the GBARC Forum or give me a call.
Scott Robinson, Canada 150 Co-Ordinator
Winter Field Day
January 28 & 29th 2017
VA3GUF Frank and his wife graciously hosted Winter Field day this year at their home just outside Owen Sound. During the day, almost a foot of snow fell making the roads difficult to drive; so a number of members were unable to attend. Those who attended enjoyed great food, company and use of VA3OSO Carson's new radio, a ICOM IC-7300.

Two stations were operated. One operated as a 'Home' station and one as an 'Outdoor' station. Many contacts were made on 80m, 40m, 20m.

Most notably, an Antarctica station, KC4AAA, was contacted on 40m at 0605 UTC by Bobby VE3PAV and Paul VE3EFQ using 50w on a 20/40/80m linked dipole in an NVIS inverted 'v' configuration. The radio used to contact Antarctica was operated from the outdoor station powered by a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. The operator in Antarctica was a member of the Ice-Cube South Pole Neutrino Observatory, a research centre with sensors under 1000s of metres of ice that are used to detect neutrinos. You can read about this research here:

An ONTARS check in by VE3EFQ, using only half a watt, was also made on the same antenna when linked up for 80m.

VE3PAV Bobby and VE3EFQ Paul camped out overnight in Paul's tipi, which has a collapsible, lightweight wood-stove inside. They reported it was very warm!

VA3OSO Carson showed the members some digitals modes, including JT65, PSK31 and WinLink Global Radio Email (just remember to check your 'spam' or 'junk' email folder else you may think the email did not come).

All the above events were punctuated with discussions about radio and antenna theory, batteries for portable operation, as well as how the local ARES group should prepare and organize itself.

In attendance: VA3GUF Frank, VE3IZS Adam, VE3EFQ Paul, VE3QVC Philip, VE3PAV Bobby, and VA3OSO Carson.

A great time was had by all: thanks to Frank and his wife!
Article and photos by VA3OSO, VE3EFQ

Gerry Hawes VA3BWZ SK
I am sad to report the passing of Gerry Hawes of Meaford. A long time club member and friend.
Radio Course 2017   Congratulations to this years new hams
L-R Raj - VA3TXO , Bob - VA3TXR, Scott - VE3OSA , Doug VE3WRF Instructor Extraordinaire
Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Pt/Q
   3.5     CW      29        58    2.0
   3.5     LSB     16         16     1.0
     7      CW      11         22     2.0
     7      LSB     60        60     1.0
    14     USB       1           1     1.0
Total  Both   117     157  
Score: 157
Field Day 2017
We had special guests from the Dufferin County ARES, who attended our field day and brought along their Emergency Communications vehicle. We had an informative tour of the vehicle and its features by Wayne McLean, VE3WWM and John Corby VA3KOT of Dufferin ARES.
Field Day 2017 has come and gone, the raising of antennae, tents, operating positions set up and tested, conversations with friends and new friends, technical discussions and the greeting of visitors. This year as in the past, an enjoyable time was had by all with the weather co-operating on Saturday and a fine dinner by chef Bernie. Thanks to all who contributed and attended to make this years field day a success. A special welcome to our new hams who recently completed the radio course.
2017 Events
The club plans for yearly recurring events by using our signup page. In 2017 we also have the 150th Centennial of Canada and the 160th Anniversary of the City of Owen Sound. We have asked for and been granted the special callsign VC3OS for club use during 2017 events.

More information will be forthcoming as plans are finalized.
Scouts at Harrison Park
January 28 & 29th 2017
Winter Camp 2017

VA3OSO Carson, VE3EFQ Paul, and VE3QVC Philip established a station at the Owen Sound Winter Scout Camp. The station consisted of a 20m dipole and a ICOM IC-7300. A number of kids were interested. A few sat down and tried the radio, finding it easy to tune stations using the on-screen waterfall to identify the signals. We spoke with some of the scout leaders, parents, and kids, sharing our enthusiasm for amateur radio.

VE3EFQ showed the kids the digital mode PSK31 and how it could be decoded using software on an Android phone.
A past club member, VE3DGP Bill, was at the event and introduced himself to the participating members.

We established contact with a leader, Andrew, of the Owen Sound Scouting chapter about a future partnership for its upcoming camp. This future camp has a special theme: space. We explained how amateur stations may contact satellites and the international space station's ARISS ( radio and packet modem (see, ... m_ver2.pdf). A leader from Keswisk Ontario stated that modern scouts are advocating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) goals in its training; radio address every component of STEM. Hence it would be prudent to follow up with these local contacts about some future, local collaboration.
Article and photos by VA3OSO, VE3EFQ
Christmas Luncheon

With over 20 attending, a good time was had by all, a nice meal with door. Thanks to all that attended and those who donated door prizes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...73
2017 GBARC Amateur of the Year
Congratulations to Doug Hall VE3WRF who is this year’s recipient of the coveted GBARC Amateur of the Year Award. The award is presented to the club member who has demonstrated a continued support for the club and the hobby of amateur radio. Thank you for your participation and encouragement in radio courses, club events and scouts/guides jamboree on the air to mention a few.