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July 25, 2017
From Tim VE3RTE   trumpetblues "at"

Subaru Bruce Peninsula Multisport Race will take place on Saturday Aug 12th this year. If you were involved in past years you will have a good idea of what will happen.
I don't think that there have been any substantial changes to the event schedule (attached), but the route has changed so there are some new & interesting challenges to overcome in transmission. Deployment is still fairly flexible depending on when you want to show up and there are about the same number of contact points to be covered, but we need you all to rsvp with me ahead of the event so that we're prepared with your BBQ meal, gift, safety sheet w/lanyard, position, etc.

We will again use the Lions Head repeater which is on 146.715 with a tone of 156.7.

I will be setting up in Wiarton at 06:30 with VE3NXB at the same location as last year: Wiarton Community Centre & Arena. It is east of the highway through Wiarton and up towards the park at the foot of the bay. Volunteers will be reporting in to the arena to pick up lunches and ID's but we may be able to arrange to have these items at the base station for those who arrive later in the morning.

Anyone with a Restricted Marine Op certificate is welcome to help out at the kayaking transition point as there will be boats on the water monitoring the kayaks. I have a marine portable radio if it is needed. (channel 6)

We will definitely need ops in the following locations:

Sandy beach Road (Hay Bay) by 7 am

Jones Bluff  by 8:15 am
Cathedral Drive  by  9:00  am

Rush Cove by  9:30 am


Anyone on the beginning of the racecourse will play hopscotch and move to transitions further along as the race progresses.

Please let me know your preferences for deployment times well before August and then I can make some more definite plans.  If you know someone not on the mailing list please forward these details with an invitation to join us. This event is something like a real time emergency deployment since we will have to move resources around to fit what is happening weather-wise, search-wise and injury-wise as the need arises.

I will bring a computer for internet weather access at the base station in the arena.

All ops should bring personal gear to sustain them in the field: extra batteries for handies, water, munchies, rain gear, sun hats, snow shovels, insect repellent, sunscreen, extendable antennas for handies if available, first aid items, whistle, gps optional, pen and paper, other things ???

Please let me know soon of your availability and time preferences. All racing should be done by 5pm and most of our ops should be winding down before then barring any major search or other difficulty.

My cell phone number is 519-477-5553 if needed the day of.


ps: the BPMR can be found at  
Where the site says "volunteer" just ignore. It is preferred that everyone interested contact myself so that we can organize more efficiently. Don't forget to state time preferences and what parts of the event you would like to cover.