The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club    
P.O. Box 113, Owen Sound
Ontario Canada N4K5P1
May 20, 2019
To start planning our Field Day event, we need to decide on stations we want to operate, how many antennas we need to support that goal, radio equipment, emergency power, food, computers, logging software, porta potty and tents if required etc.
We also invite the general public to join us so we should also be ready with interesting things to talk about, brochures and perhaps demonstrations.

Field Day is about experimentation too. If there is a homebrew antenna you would like to try, or you have an idea about how we can do something different, this is a great opportunity to share your vision with the club and give us time to plan accordingly to make it happen. There is plenty of room and help at the site.

This event is open to all amateurs and the public. 
Club membership is NOT required to take part in Field day.

The form below is for the field day committee to get an idea of attendance, who will be bring what, what we can expect for the Saturday pot luck and what extra items we need to think about. This is a great opportunity for new hams or anyone to get their feet wet and join the fun. Bring the family, everyone is welcome.

The Super 8 motel is within walking distance for those out of town and restaurants are close by.
Email (req'd)
Will Attend
Might attend
Will be there at supper (5pm Saturday)
Check boxes that apply to you
Folding table/Charis
If you would like to attend as a guest leave the callsign field empty and enter your name instead.
Attending our pot luck supper on Saturday?
We usually follow this....
If your last name starts with A-I Bring a salad item
If your last name starts with J-R Bring a supper item
If your last name starts with S-Z Bring a dessert / snack item
Will be there to help setup
(12 noon Saturday)
Will be there to help takedown
(2pm Sunday)
Field Day 2019
Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June, beginning at 1800 UTC (2:00pm) Saturday and running through 2059 UTC (2:00pm) Sunday.
Field Day 2019 will be held June 22-23 at Victoria Park in Owen Sound
This area will indicate the status of equipment and various activities on field day. If you would like to participate or have something to add then send the your comments on the web form...thanks

Transceiver N1MM+?  WIFI ready?   Interface Tested?
VE3IZS     TS590        Yes               Yes                Yes
VA3TS      IC7300       Yes               Yes                Yes
VA3GUF        ?               ?                   ?                    ?
It is assumed that anyone who brings a station will also bring whatever is needed to make the station work. ie: Power supply, feedlines, tuner, key, mic, headphones etc and enough extension cord to get from your station to the generator.

  Available?          Tested?   
VA3GUF                   Yes                    ?           

Tested?  Amp/TX interface Tested?   Tuner Tested?
VA3GUF       ?                          ?                                    ?

VA3TS 20/15/10 beam                              Yes
VA3TS 80/40 Zepp Antenna                      Yes
VE3IZS Hex Beam                                     Yes
VA3GUF 40m Dipole                                  Yes

Demonstration Stations for guests and visitors
         ?           Satellite Demonstration
Digital Modes Demonstration
VA3TS           Basic/Advanced qual exams  2-4pm Sat

No one is opposed to a swap / trade area, we just need individual(s) to take this and run with it.
Advertising      (to be discussed at the April meeting)
Club Banner
Sandwich Boards