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Newsletter Uploads

Note- Do not spend time formatting your text, making things look pretty with bullets or fonts or colours. In the process of adding your text I will remove all your formatting as it is always problematic when I add it to the newsletter software I use here.
This page is a simple file upload solution for those who wish to easily contribute to our newsletter or upload pictures of events. The window below shows the files uploaded. Click on a filename to view it in a new window. Viewing will not work for pdf or zip files, but you will be prompted to download them to your device.

Be aware that pictures from phones can easily exceed the size limitations this page imposes. 200kb images are more than enough for posting in our newsletters.
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Formatting codes from one piece of software are not always compatible with another. Also, with formatting comes the possibilty of malware or viruses. All I need is PLAIN text, and your images with maybe some direction as to where the images go in the article, but I can usually figure it out. Plain text only please, but if there is some need to send a file format that differs from those listed below, then compress the file and send it as a .zip file..
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