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June 23, 2018
Field Day 2018
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We are an amateur radio group based in central Ontario Canada catering for those with an interest in the hobby of radio. Check our pages for details of upcoming meetings and events.
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Presidents Message
To GBARC Members and the public,
The summer heat has finally arrived with cool nights for our next outdoor activity, Field Day starting Saturday June 23rd and running through to the next day.  It's our annual event I really look forward to where we meet up to demonstrate our radio station set-up and communication skills or just to learn something new.  This year will be no exception with lots to show and tell.  We will have active at one station our amplifier so that we can hopefully make more contacts than in previous years with the extra transmission power.  Operators at this station will surely have radio contact pileups to deal with that can be exiting and confidence building with recording and communicating.  We will also have many other items to demonstrate as well as hands on build of a Delta Loop antenna showing its versatility and flexibility to adapt to changing conditions.  Some dignitaries have been invited as well giving us an opportunity to discuss the HAM radio use in Emergency communications when all else fails.  With luck other HAM's may visit the area as well from outside of our area and share their thoughts and ideas with us during our socializing moments.  Come and join us for an exciting day of radio play and socializing with others and try your hand by getting on the air.
Come help if you like with the set-up and teardown at the end, we can always use a helping hand.  First folks on site will be there by 8:30-9:00am on Saturday to start throwing up antenna's.  Teardown usually dependent on radio activity and weather can start as early as noon or late as 2PM on Sunday
Since it is a busy time of year for each of our members, the executive have decided like last year to hold our June meeting at Field Day around BBQ time on Saturday June 24th.  All attendee's and the public are also welcome to join in on this short meeting.  Each year at this time during Field Day I see a lot of smiles on everyone's face so am sure we will have a quorum.
In closing, enjoy your summer and have as much fun on the air as the conditions permit.  Look forward to hearing your stories of successes and interesting contacts .   
Cheers and 73's for now.
Frank Gufler
GBARC President & Grey County ARES EC.

Situation :
Clubs across all North American will be setting up a 24 hour emergency communication stations from one radio to multi radios covering most amateur frequencies and make as many contacts as possible.
Mission :
Our GBARC mission is to set up at least 2 contact stations plus one Get On The Air (GOTA) public station and be ready to have fun making as many radio contacts as possible starting at 2PM Saturday June 23rd for 24 hours regardless of the transmission and weather conditions.
Execution :
We will start physical set up no earlier than 9AM Saturday and provide physical and socializing assistance during the set-up of the stations.  The GOTA station is to be set up in one of the covered utility trailer with an awning over the tailgate.  Handheld radios will be used to provide communications during set up and teardown as well as provide service and assistance needs for Field Day operators that are not able to leave their station.  BBQ is to be set up for evening and breakfast pot luck meal.  A brief GBARC meeting will be held near Supper time, timing to be confirmed on site that day.  Having fun, learning and informing the public on what we do is the main objective.
Adminsitration :
Field Day Service Frequency is the OSR repeater, 146.940 MHz.
GBARC Field Day call sign is VA3-OSR, Location Ontario South, Station 2A or 3A with an extra station?
Ensure each of you have enough fluids to stay hydrated.  Bring your water, juice or pop as you need.
No Picnic tables are available at the Field day site.  Bring your own chairs ensures your personal comfort during the Field Day event.
Bring food for the pot luck supper BBQ.
Assist radio operators with logging when needed or get on the air yourself.
Bring your own bug juice as we are in mosquito season.
Most important, have fun.
Weather: Long range forecast is expected to be clear and dry for the weekend.  Be prepared for wet weather either case so bring your rain gear.
Contacts :
Frank Gufler (VA3-GUF) will be available to answer municipal representatives (Politicians or Emergency Coordinators) that show up and give tours of the stations and station capabilities.
GBARC executives have Field Day experience and are available on site for Field Day suggestions and recommendations.

"This is a chance to have fun with the local radio club in the effort of promoting  both clubs. With the possibility of gaining more members. To demonstrate how we make sleeping mats for those in need."
It's never too early to get ready for Field Day.
Field Day is an annual event, by radio amateurs, continent wide, as a test of our emergency preparedness, operating skill and expoure of our hobby to the general public. We set up our stations and operate on emergency power for 24 hours from Saturday June 23rd at 2 pm till Sunday June 24th till 2 pm. We operate HF stations, digital modes, satellite operations and are ready to demonstrate or answer questions. If you would like to attend and help out or just be part of the experience then click on the signup sheet below to let us know so we can plan.
Signup Sheet

This year we are proud to include the Helping Hands Craft Club on Saturday
at our Field Day Event.

Please go to their website and read about their worthwhile activities helping others in need.
Maybe you would like to join them.