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June 26-27


Summer 2021
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We are an amateur radio group based in central Ontario Canada catering to those with an interest in the hobby of radio.
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HELP NEEDED for a tower removal

Now that some restrictions have been lifted, we are looking for help to remove a tower and antenna in the Owen Sound area. This is from the home of a silent key, Dieter VA3DST. There is a tower, a tri-band beam, a 2 mtr beam and feedlines. The rotor belongs to someone else so is not included. The tower and antenna has been standing for some time so I'm sure some work will be required to "put it back in service". The tower and everything on it is free (except for the rotor) for taking it down. Interested?, send email using the "contact" link below.

Current volunteers, Tom VA3TS, Dave VE3WI

P.O. Box 113, Owen Sound Ontario Canada N4K5P1

The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club