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Amateur of the Year Award
This award is presented annually to that Club member who has exhibited exemplary support for the club and amateur radio.
QNI Contest  (QNI : Network members please check in )
GBARC uses a QNI contest to accumulate points and qualify for Ham of the Year. Here are the activities and the points associated with them:
- Attend regular club meeting 5 points
- TechTalk presentation 10 points
- Check-in to Wednesday evening VHF net 1 point
- Check-in to Wednesday evening HF net 1 point
- NCS Wednesday evening net 5 points
- Pass informal traffic during Wednesday evening net 2 points
- Pass formal traffic during Wednesday evening net 3 points
- ARRL Field Day band captain at club QTH 10 points
- ARRL Field Day per QSO (any mode) at club QTH 1 point
- ARRL Field Day set up public radio demonstration station 5 points
- Winter Field Day band captain at club QTH 10 points
- Winter Field Day per QSO (any mode) at club QTH 1 point
- Volunteer and attend community support event 10 points
- Participate in club on-air training exercise 5 points
- Submit article for club newsletter 5 points
- Recruit new GBARC member 5 points

The Ham of the Year would also have their dues waived.  Members of the Executive do not qualify
Previous Recipients
1993 VE3TSA Tom
1994 VE3IJD Gene
1995 VE3TSA Tom
1996 VE3TXB John
1997 VE3TSA Tom
1998 VE3BY Carl
1999 VE3DXE Kim
2000 VA3CJM Jim
2001 VE3XOX Bob
2002 VE3BQM Bernie
2003 VA3ZON Stat
2004 VE3LKD Bob
2005 VE3NBJ Norm
2006 VE3IJD Gene
2007 VA3CIC Jon,
          VA3USI Tex
2008 VE3CLD Dan
2009 VA3STG Fred
2010 VE3IZS Adam
2011 VE3TLK Susan
2012 VA3CIC Jon
2013 VE3LKD Bob,
          VE3RUT Shane
2014 VE3IZS Adam
2015 VA3TS Tom
2016 VA3OSO Carson
2017 VE3WRF Doug
2018 VA3GUF Frank
2019 VA3TS Tom
2020 VE3MIO Maureen
2021 VE3OZW Richard
2022 Bobby VE3PAV
2023 VA3TS Tom