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April 24, 2018
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We are an amateur radio group based in central Ontario Canada catering for those with an interest in the hobby of radio. Check our pages for details of upcoming meetings and events.
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Basic Amateur Radio License Course
Apr 21st - May 13th

The Georgian Bay Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a Basic Amateur Radio License course. The course is open to all ages ,male and female. You will learn about different aspects of the hobby from just talking to other people (maybe at the North or South Pole) to digital (computer to computer) communications via radio to speaking with astronauts in the International Space Station to providing community service in times of natural or man-made disaster and lots more that make this hobby very exciting.

We will be meeting at the Optimus Club of Owen Sound and District at their club offices. The Optimus Club is located at 458372 Grey County Rd 11, Owen Sound. This is at the southwest corner of Highway 26 East (of Owen Sound) and Grey County Road 11 (the Sydenham Centre building).

The course is free. To sign up please contact us via our Facebook page or click "Contact US" in the menu bar above. Leave your name and email and we will contact you with more details.  Read <MORE>